Rabbit Food Search (Macronic)

Macronic, Or Fun Story
Roberto came over the hill to reach the rich vegetable garden in the Tubba valley. He knew Mister Kelly would have his order packed ready for him to take casa to his familla. In the area where Roberto lived, slim pickings were all that was available. But Mister Kelly was generous to those down on their luck.
Surprise awaited Roberto when he reached the gate to the farm. A note, with his name on it, was nailed to the gate. “Sorry, Roberto. We no have any zanahoria for you today. No water for the garden. But you can take as many rabano as you want.” Roberto's nose twitched. The rabano didn't smell as delicious as his zanahoria. Beggars didn't have a choice to choose what they wanted. They took what was available.
Roberto found a bag. He dug up the rabano with a small shovel, shook away most of the dirt before putting them in the bag. When he had over half a bag, Roberto headed for casa, he closed the gate behind him. Not copacetic. But satisfied he had some food for his family.
Crepuscular was setting over the scared countryside by the time Roberto arrived at his home. His Camilla waited with the fire burning to cook the fresh zanahoria.
Mayo stood on the front porch, with her family, to watch for her marido, and padre, to bring food to fill their hungry hollows grumbling for sustenance. Mayte, the abigail, nursed the crying bebe to try to take his mind away from the thought of food. There hadn't been any mashed zanahoria for his lunch. The other children had scrounged around the forest for wild berried to comerse.
In his frustration, the bebe grabbed the liripipe of the gorra, which covered the abigail's long, black frizzy hair. Strands of hair now, falling from where it had been secured beneath the gorra.
Instead of standing out in the crepuscular, the abigail wanted to be inside, where she had to complete the cadastral the Mistress needed, before she left work. Her novia was to take her for a walk to the lago, where the luna, and estrella, shone on the crystal clear superflcie of the water.
With slumbed shoulders, and a heavy heart, Roberto shuffled toward the casa to tell his familla the bad news. All stomachs growled. The bag was nearly full with food. Mayo's nose twitched. She didn't smell the sweet flavour of the zanahoria. What had her marido brought casa to comerse.
Why didn't you bring casa some zanahoria. What did you find to comerse?'
Ixnay zanahoria. The farmer's garden was deserted. Ixnay water. A note told me to take how many rabano I wanted.”
Rabano. What good will rabano be to us?”
Stave off starvation. The sequia has destroyed much.”
The familla went into the casa to make do with what they had. Each question was macronic, eat, or starve.


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