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Merry Christmas.

Here is a story for all those who are feeling the cold.

Magic of Christmas

Carina snuggled up in front of the roaring fire in her lounge room. The wind whistled around the side of her log cabin. Snow covered every inch of the landscape. No leaves dangled from the branches of the trees. Ghostly sounds echoed around the house as the wind tried to enter the log cabin. The howl of the wolves echoed on the wind as they called to their mates. Snow piled by the side of the log cabin where the wind had blown it. There would be no escape from the mountain valley until the snow had thawed except by dog sled, or snow mobile. Carina did not want to escape. She had come to the log cabin to escape from all the happy people who were waiting for Christmas to come. For Carina Christmas had been a time of sorrow. Sorrow to great she had not been able to over come the tragedy of losing her beloved husband and six month old son one Christmas Day. A time of joy turned to a ti…