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Cleaning time.

These are a few scarves I made in between crocheting rugs for my family. I have finished ten and have sent them to my family. Everyone seems to love them. So far. The above three are gone to charity. I still have another one to go.

Have taken some time out from crocheting to clean out all the "passed by dated" tins, and bottles, of unused stuff in the back shed. There isn't anything in my way. I usually let some of my friends use the shed to store their car and boats. At the moment. I can freely move around to dispose of unwanted things to make more room. I spent a couple of hours out there this morning. The wind has whipped so I've come inside. Anyway. I've had working in dust for now.

I have uploaded some photos. I was to go one a bus trip today but the driver was sick.

The last one. A young Magpie is enjoying a swing on the plastic. This lot of babies have been very mischievous. One has even attached a friendship with a Butcher Bird. Where you find one the ot…

Rest over

I have been applying the doctors orders on resting since my surgery. I'm back to walking without aids. Sleeping back upstairs in my favorite bed. Doing all my own work. Outside trying to get all the weeds from my gardens. Re-pot some plants. I don't know if they died from lack of attention. Or the birds pulled them out because I wasn't home to feed them. The wild birds that is. I found one out on the footpath. I put it in a pot and am praying I can save it.

I have been busy crocheting during my breaks from work. I have finished another two and others partly done. The weather was muggy for a few weeks which made crochet not possible.

My head has cleared so I am getting back into writing mode. I've been doing some research to see where I'd like to publish some of my stories. And have to dig out the one I had nearly finished before going to hospital.

These are the last two I have finished. I have a few more to make before I have one for all members of my family.


Year of Change

This year is a time for me to heal. For a long time I have suffered with pain. Until I found a new doctor last year, I didn't know what caused all my suffering. I was told I needed to have both hips replaced and one knee. Well! The first operation has been done. My right hip. I'm resting at home. Not allowed to drive the car for another few weeks. I am still using crutches and having exercise at home.

I was signed up to a Transition Care program where staff come out to the home to assist me in my recovery. Take me to doctor appointments; shopping and do cleaning. All of them are doing a wonderful job.

I have also set myself on a mission to make rugs for my family. These are keeping me busy. I even took wool to hospital to continue on with the list. Three have been delivered to one grandson, granddaughter and daughter. Some have given me their color scheme. Others will have to take what arrives. I have some works in progress and others finished. At the moment, I have slowed co…