Year of Change

This year is a time for me to heal. For a long time I have suffered with pain. Until I found a new doctor last year, I didn't know what caused all my suffering. I was told I needed to have both hips replaced and one knee. Well! The first operation has been done. My right hip. I'm resting at home. Not allowed to drive the car for another few weeks. I am still using crutches and having exercise at home.

I was signed up to a Transition Care program where staff come out to the home to assist me in my recovery. Take me to doctor appointments; shopping and do cleaning. All of them are doing a wonderful job.

I have also set myself on a mission to make rugs for my family. These are keeping me busy. I even took wool to hospital to continue on with the list. Three have been delivered to one grandson, granddaughter and daughter. Some have given me their color scheme. Others will have to take what arrives. I have some works in progress and others finished. At the moment, I have slowed construction because the weather is too muggy. So different designs are too hot to hold on the lap to do the crocheting. At these times I build the squares.

The bottom four rugs are waiting to be delivered. I have about nine more to complete. I have a few on the stage to completion. But. The day is very muggy. I'm also tired. I didn't sleep too well the last couple of nights. I had an unwell day yesterday and I don't have much energy today. I thought I'd try to make a return to my writing now the head is beginning to clear from my surgery.


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