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80th Birthday

Ruby has turned eighty.
She is. Or should I say. Was. Part of our bus tripping gang.
Ruby is lucky to be able to celebrate her birthday. Over the past couple of years, lightning struck the side of her house leaving a hole. A loss of power. She wanted to move from the beach to a retirement village. Once again disaster struck. A car smashed into the back of her car wiping it out. She decided time had come to make changes in her life.
She is leaving the area to go live near family on the Sunshine Coast.
We had a Birthday and Farewell get together on the same day. We will miss her.

One the same day, Alice at the age of 95 was given a life member certificate as a member of the bus group.

We all had a enjoyable meal and time with our departing friend.

Dangerous tree goes

Neighbors have watched this tree with each approaching storm. Afraid it might fall on their homes. The way it swayed. And bent to the winds fierceness.

The Magpie watched them cut down the tree. The pair usually nested there. Sat there to watch for me to open the shed door to swoop down for food. To watch for the postie to come deliver the mail. Stranger they know should not be in your yard. The job took two days to cut down and chip up the limbs as they sawed them off. At least everyone will feel safer with the predicted stormy weather to head our way.

Catching the sun

The warmer weather should arrive soon. Lizards are coming out to sun themselves. this was the first one. There are more scooting around the yard and sitting on the posts out of harms way. Luckily. I haven't struck any while I have been trying to catch up with the weeding which grew during the winter months. I have been slowly working on the garden beds when the back, hip, and weather permitting. I work until the pain comes. Take a break to crochet, write, or do computer work. With all jobs, I have learned to not keep going when the pain strikes.

During the winter months I did a lot of crocheting to make woolen blankets for those in need. Most of the time the wool is supplied but I do buy some to be able to finish the project when the supply is low.

               Mystery woman
My Vegas. Vegas is a bright star. A Celestial body. So that means I have to be the star in my life. 
What I believe should be the force drawing me to the center of attraction. Me being drawn to a bright future. …


  Moon beams shone on the half naked male bodies on the once pristine manicured lawns.   The Pisces full moon hung low in the morning sky. Foliage from the tall trees blocked out the  bottom quarter from view.   Birds sang in the treetops to bring in the new day. A day. Some of the revelers didn't want to arrive  so soon. The raucous sound pounded in the heads like many jackhammers.   Hysterical female screams echoed along the hallways of the country estate house. All the staff followed the sound to find why someone. Screamed. Hung over party attendees came staggering into the room.   “Stop the caterwauling,”said Tony, holding his hands over his ears. “What did you break?” The  crowd parted to give Tony access to the doorway. His bloodshot eyes tried to focus on the lawn.   “Call the emergency services. And the police,” Tony mumbled, every word boomed inside his head. He stepped through the doorway to the patio then down the three steps. Each ste…