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Fists Hurt.

Julie follows Wendy from the dining area to the toilet.
Julie: Shoves Wendy in the back with the flat of her hand. Pushes Wendy into the door with her
arm pulled high behind her back.
Wendy: Struggles. The door opens.
Cleaner: Screams. Steps back quickly so as not to be hit by the door.
Wendy/Julie: Tumble through the doorway to land on the floor in a twisted bundle of arms and
legs spitting vile words at each other.
Julie: Gets the upper hand. Straddles Wendy. Holds Wendy's hands above her head with one of
“Okay, bitch. I want a straight answer. How did you do it?”
Wendy: “Do what?”
Struggles on the floor to move away.
“I don't know what you're griping about.
Julie: Slaps Wendy across the cheek with an open hand.
“Don't lie to me. What did you promise Antonio for him to let you drive his precious car?
Wendy: Saving her energy for attack.