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Winter has passed.

Thankfully, the cold weather has moved on to other regions. I seem to fall behind in some work because the body doesn't want to work without pain. The brain doesn't seem to want to work at full speed, either.

Then I hurt my wrist, and thumb on my right hand, which slowed the progress. The thumb is still sore but working at a slower pace. The ground was too hard to remove a plant with the shovel. The plant had to be removed to go in the bin. Strong winds we had been having blew it over.

I have been going away on daily bus trips, where I take photos. I have been experimenting on how it works. For a little camera it does a few different jobs. I had a trial run on using the moving picture button. Did a pretty good job for the first time.

Between writing, and working with the photos, some work gets well behind. And during the winter, I go to bed early because I don't like using heaters.

So with the warming of the weather, I can sit at the computer and not freeze. I have been pa…

Alice's Collection

This is Alice. She was given the bear for Mother's Day this May. She also turned 93 around the same time.

We go on bus trips to different places around the state. Along with another lady, Betty, the both of the are collecting animal statues for their gardens. Betty is a few years younger than Alice. I think I might be the baby of the group.

I have peen taking photos on the animal collection each time she buys a new one. Following are a few of her animals. Along with a few others that fly in to be fed.

Woken by Yelling

The sound of my voice. Yelling. Woke me. Woke me from the terror. The terror of the unknown. Unseen. Things with sharp claws. I hadn't been dreaming. Or in the middle of a nightmare. Where was I. I don't know. Weeks previous hadn't been stressful. I was calm. And collective. At the click of the light switch. I hadn't been reading a horror story. Or been watching a murder one. So. What had caused this fear to run through every muscle of my body. Fear so strong I tasted it on my tongue. I lifted my left arm to cover my face for protection. The claws were sharp as pins. Darts. Both my arms had become pin cushions. Each pin prick stung worse than a bee sting. “Go away. Leave me alone. Get away from me. Get out of here.” Like a dream. Or nightmare. There wasn't any vision to gauge what happened before the attack started. Just the fear of many claws. The moment my yelling voice. And words. Registered. I woke. Every claw vanished. I didn't open my eyes to search for …

Birthday Trip

The group of friends from the bus joined me on the trip for my Birthday. Hazel baked me a delicious chocolate cake.

We went to the Maryborough Markets. Had lunch at the RSL club. We went sight seeing on the way home. And stopped at a fruit and vegetable stall.

I bought a couple more different coloured Desert Roses. I have a few different colours. My aunt gave me a seed pod off of her red Desert Rose. When it opened, I placed the pod in a tray with potting mix. Now. I'm busy potting the seedlings to pots when they are big enough to make room for the others sprouting. I've potted about twenty-five.

Here are the pictures I took on the trip.

This photo is some of the different colours available in the Desert Roses.

The hats, and coats the dogs are wearing were made by Margaret Kelly, who sells them at the Maryborough Markets.

Wrong Turn

Darkness. Pitch darkness surrounded the bus. Brakes grabbed when the driver applied his foot to the brake peddle. Rubber burned. Smoke bellowed from beneath the back of the bus. Loose pebbles on the bitumen made the bus fishtail from side, to side, on the road. Passengers screamed. Brought their arms up to protect their face from injury. To save them from hitting the back of the seat in front. Seat-belts stopped some of their forward motion. Talk turned to screams. The sound of the wheels skidding seemed to go on – forever. Then silence. We all bounced on our allotted seats when the wheels hit a solid surface. The darkness became eerie with different coloured lights. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. Flashing in the misty fog. Or clouds. We had survived. Or had we. Taking deep breaths to try to calm the rattled nerves. I closed my eyes. Opened them to find the same scene all around. I blinked – again. What had happened to the old folk who had been on …