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Trying to get back in the flow.

This year has been full of woe.
Three trips to hospital for major operations. I'm slowly recovering my energy.
I went out to try to revive my pot plants. The bigger Desert Roses survived. Some of the smaller ones died. I spent a couple of hours watering and moving out the pots with no plants. I will have to set more seeds to refill the empty pots.

I have to relearn how things work. Things have changed over the past eighteen months. I tried to upload a photo. I must have to down size them.

I have been doing a lot of crocheting of rugs. I had an over supply, which I made from wool left over from other projects. I bundled them up to take to the nursing home for the oldies. The staff were pleased to receive them. I have another one to take up when I go to visit a couple of my friends.

Alice. A friend I used to take shopping and other places has moved into the home. She felt she no longer was able to care for herself, her home and garden. She moved in on the day of her 97th birthday th…