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A story

In the middle of the cyclone we had awhile back, the birds sat on the fence in the pouring rain rather than sit in a swaying tree. The photo is taken at slow speed to catch the rain drops.

Last week we were given a first page of work someone had intended to use in their novel. This was to test our editing skills. We had to read the piece then go by our gut reaction to say why we liked the story. Or didn't. Then we had to write the story in our own words on how we would have written the story. I can't put up the original piece to be able to compare changes because it wasn't my work. This is what I took from the story after I'd done some research. I don't believe this was done before writing the other story. I even had to change the names used to be able to upload.

Elsa was born in a workhouse to a poor mother. Or was she there after being thrown out of her family because of adultery. Rape.

She was orphaned after birth. During the pregnancy her mother haemorrhage to d…