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I have been slow lately at working, one because of the freezing weather, two, because my Vertigo and Tintus (Noises in the ears) have returned at the same time. It was a strange way that the both returned at the same time. Very frightening.

It happened one night the brain didn't want to shut off because I'd been working on setting up my webs, writing a story for my writing class, all kept rattling around in the brain. I went to roll over from my warm spot to relieve some aching muscles, as I rolled my brain was telling me there was no bed there and if I kept going I'd fall over the edge of the world, a picture of stars and open space flashed through my head, there was a sensation of falling into nothingness. Squeezing my eyes tightly closed I rolled back to where I started with heart pumping hard and fast, took deep breaths to calm the sensations racing through the body while with my right arm I moved it over the mattress to make sure the rest of the bed was still there. W…


Snow cold water cascades over the cliff
Crashes on huge boulders below,
Orchestra of birds overtake the sound
Water gurgles on way down stream,
Bees buzz golden sunflowers
Standing tall face the sun,
Sticky amber honey trickles in the hive,
Fragrances from orchids perfume the air,
Cows call day’s end,
Bright orange orb disappears
Night insects chirp,
Evening prayers done
Life will be theirs
Moon sinks to sleep
With rising of the sun.


Imaginary Scene Eyes Closed.

Eyes close, darkness enfolds,
Rainbow colors flash, disappear,
Wind whistles, grass sways
Snakes slither, mice hide,
Birds cheerfully sing, hawk soars thermals,
Parrots squabble, brawl for nectar,
Bees buzz gum flowers, honey to make
Sticky amber honey, pollen makes,
white wax hexagons store hard work,
Cow low udder full with milk
Headed home release is nigh,
Green summer grass now winter brown
Crackles beneath hooves red dust stirs,
Sun’s orange orb slinks beneath the horizon
Days past night comes,
Moon rises stars twinkle brightly,
Clouds scatter forth rain does follow,
Blocks out the light till lighting flashes
Thunder rumbles rolls above,
Opening eyes I see the hot orange sun,
Dreaming is magic when night comes.

Fists Hurt.

Julie follows Wendy from the dining area to the toilet.
Julie: Shoves Wendy in the back with the flat of her hand. Pushes Wendy into the door with her
arm pulled high behind her back.
Wendy: Struggles. The door opens.
Cleaner: Screams. Steps back quickly so as not to be hit by the door.
Wendy/Julie: Tumble through the doorway to land on the floor in a twisted bundle of arms and
legs spitting vile words at each other.
Julie: Gets the upper hand. Straddles Wendy. Holds Wendy's hands above her head with one of
“Okay, bitch. I want a straight answer. How did you do it?”
Wendy: “Do what?”
Struggles on the floor to move away.
“I don't know what you're griping about.
Julie: Slaps Wendy across the cheek with an open hand.
“Don't lie to me. What did you promise Antonio for him to let you drive his precious car?
Wendy: Saving her energy for attack.