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Grand Parent Memories.

The topic for the month was "Grand Parents".
This was a very hard topic. I didn't have much association with mine. Some died before, or just after, I was born. But I did come up with a couple of memories once I began to dig deep into the past.

 How times have changed

Negative connection
I wasn't close to either of my two remaining grandparents.
My mother's mother died two years after I was born
My father's father. I don't know anything about him. He wasn't mentioned within my hearing.
I lived too far away to have much contact with them. We had to drive for hours to visit when my father wasn't working. The visits were very short.
To me. Both were grumpy.
Distant in approach.
Not showing love to me.
I was made to feel I wasn't wanted.
Distance from both of them may have caused us to have no connection. Even though my grandchildren live away from me, I still love them all the same. Treat them the same. I treat them all as equals not love one more…

Catching up.

I have been very busy of late.
I was away for five days over Easter. Then went away to the Wondai Flower Show on another day.
Then there was the lawn to mow. I had done the lawn before I went away for the five days but with all the rain we were having made it grow. The wire grass was about two foot high in the back yard before I could get to mow it. Got most of it done but the mower stopped for want of more fuel. Didn't have any left. No energy either to drive to the servo to get more. I finally got back to finishing the lawn over the weekend.

I have been uploading, and sorting, out the 300+ photos I took over the both trips.

I was also busy writing my stories for this month. And finding the photos for this months theme.

So here are a few of the memory stories I have written.

 Hidden flaws

I didn't know.
There I sat minding my own business. I was there to do the bookwork for the selling of raffle tickets to raise money for the local ambulance.
I didn't want to be there. I …

Cruising on the river

We went for a three hour cruise on the Noosa River. The day was sunny. The water calm until the other boats sped past.

We watched a couple of boats go through the lock to reach their home.

The water was brown from recent runoff from the rain.

We seen some birds life.

We had a great time watching the scenery as we past.

A story

In the middle of the cyclone we had awhile back, the birds sat on the fence in the pouring rain rather than sit in a swaying tree. The photo is taken at slow speed to catch the rain drops.

Last week we were given a first page of work someone had intended to use in their novel. This was to test our editing skills. We had to read the piece then go by our gut reaction to say why we liked the story. Or didn't. Then we had to write the story in our own words on how we would have written the story. I can't put up the original piece to be able to compare changes because it wasn't my work. This is what I took from the story after I'd done some research. I don't believe this was done before writing the other story. I even had to change the names used to be able to upload.

Elsa was born in a workhouse to a poor mother. Or was she there after being thrown out of her family because of adultery. Rape.

She was orphaned after birth. During the pregnancy her mother haemorrhage to d…

My flowers

One of my Desert Roses.

This Orchid was given to be because I did some crocheting for a friend.

This Orchid belongs to a friend of mine.

These are Sunflowers. I threw some old birdseed into the garden. Upshot the plants. Some of the storks were about eight to nine feet high. The plants are gone. I cut them out once they stopped flowering. The plants shaded the smaller ones. Should have been out doing more weeding but the bin is full. Will have to wait until it has been emptied. Don't know when that will be because we are suppose to have rain for the next eight days.
We also had an Earthquake on Sunday night. Rocked the house and rattled windows. Didn't know what was happening at the time. We don't get too many.