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The Blue Room

The new section of the building had been finished. I had been to two functions there. I was surprised at all the changed when I attended the first function. The amount of space gained by the extensions out, and upward. A balcony section looked out over the river. Windows on all sides gave the customers a perfect view. The customers protected from all types of weather. Whether the weather be wet, or dry, windy, or cold. You look down on the boats moored on the river. Watch the cars, and trucks, move across the traffic bridge. See the houses on the northern side of the river. The mangroves which grow along the muddy bank. The morning sun shone through the window to brighten, and warm, the people attending the Devonshire Morning Tea before time to listen to the speakers on different topics to do with seniors. To tell them of ways to protect themselves from being cheated out of their life savings. Their safety. Health problems. “I knew they would be here,” said my friend, who nod…
Surprise. Surprise. “Oh my. This can't be happening to me,” cried Mary Henderson. “The kids are driving me mad. They want money for this. For that. Money, money, money.” She clenched her fists. Raised them angrily into space. Her face contorted with rage. And worry. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Mary Henderson made a sad picture. She sat on a shabby couch in the untidy room. Mary was thirty-six but looked a lot older. Her hair hung untidy around her face. Clothes she wore were faded from too much wear. Mary, a person who provided for her family before she considered buying anything for herself. Her brown eyes sad from all her years of worry. The family consisted of four teenage daughters. Mary's husband had died. The girls where nearing the age where they wanted what they wanted, yesterday. No tomorrow. Wanted go go everywhere. Wanted lots of money for clothes. Thought she should buy them a car. The girls had no consideration for anyone but themselves. The pension didn't co…