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Wrong Turn

Darkness. Pitch darkness surrounded the bus. Brakes grabbed when the driver applied his foot to the brake peddle. Rubber burned. Smoke bellowed from beneath the back of the bus. Loose pebbles on the bitumen made the bus fishtail from side, to side, on the road. Passengers screamed. Brought their arms up to protect their face from injury. To save them from hitting the back of the seat in front. Seat-belts stopped some of their forward motion. Talk turned to screams. The sound of the wheels skidding seemed to go on – forever. Then silence. We all bounced on our allotted seats when the wheels hit a solid surface. The darkness became eerie with different coloured lights. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. Flashing in the misty fog. Or clouds. We had survived. Or had we. Taking deep breaths to try to calm the rattled nerves. I closed my eyes. Opened them to find the same scene all around. I blinked – again. What had happened to the old folk who had been on …