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Alone Time

It had been a hellish few months. Work had taken over her life. She had never had a free moment to spare from her work life. Enough was enough. Sandra put on her coat. She grabbed her keys, and purse, then walked out of the doorway to her office. She hurried past her secretary. “See you when I return.” she cast the message over her shoulder. Sandra kept moving to escape before anyone was able to stop her, now, she had made up her mind. “Where are you going. You have appointments all afternoon. When will you be back.” The shocked face of her secretary stayed with her on the way to the lift. Not once had she witnessed her boss leave the office without her briefcase packed full of work. “I'll tell you when I make my way back to the office,” shouted Sandra. She waved. Stepped into the lift to take her all the way down to the car park. She hummed a happy tune while she made her escape to freedom. No one would be able to contact her for the next few days. Her hideaway was her castle. A…

Magic of Christmas

Magic of Christmas. Carina snuggled up in front of the roaring fire of her lounge room. The wind rattled the windows of the log cabin. Snow covered every inch of the landscape. Snow piled by the side of the cabin walls where the wind had blown it. There would be no escape from the mountain valley until the snow had thawed, except by the use of a dog sled, or a snow mobile. Carina didn't want to escape. She had come to the log cabin to escape from all the happy people who were waiting for Christmas to arrive. For Carina, Christmas was a time of sorrow. A sorrow so great she hadn't been able to overcome the tragedy of losing her beloved husband, and six month old son on Christmas Day. A time of joy turned to a time of sorrow. The cold seclusion matched the weather outside the cabin. Life frozen in time. No leaves dangled from the branches of the trees. Ghostly sounds echoed around the house. The wind tried to enter the log cabin throu…

Talking Trees

Jack Crane needed to find some new places to cut down trees. He had taken all the best, straight, winsome trees, which had been allotted to him from the forest. He decided, on this warm sunny day, to travel further afield in search of new horizons. After driving for an hour, Jack found a place overloaded wit first class winsome trees. Trees to make wonderful pieces of furniture. He found a vacant area where he was able to park his truck. Taking the axe from the back of the truck, Jack set off into the forest in search of the best trees. While searching, he came across strange looking trees with funny shaped branches, and leaves. He'd never seen such trees in all his life of being a woodcutter. He circled the tree looking to see if it was good enough to cut down. “I wonder if it is soft wood,” pondered Jack. If the timber was hard it wouldn't be of use for making furniture. He took a sharpening stone from his pocket to smooth over the paper sharp blade to make sure he be able …