I have been slow lately at working, one because of the freezing weather, two, because my Vertigo and Tintus (Noises in the ears) have returned at the same time. It was a strange way that the both returned at the same time. Very frightening.

It happened one night the brain didn't want to shut off because I'd been working on setting up my webs, writing a story for my writing class, all kept rattling around in the brain. I went to roll over from my warm spot to relieve some aching muscles, as I rolled my brain was telling me there was no bed there and if I kept going I'd fall over the edge of the world, a picture of stars and open space flashed through my head, there was a sensation of falling into nothingness. Squeezing my eyes tightly closed I rolled back to where I started with heart pumping hard and fast, took deep breaths to calm the sensations racing through the body while with my right arm I moved it over the mattress to make sure the rest of the bed was still there. When the head stopped spinning and the body calmed I went back to sleep to find each time I moved in a different direction my head became dizzy and ocean noises roared in the ears. Neither of these problems had bothered me for some time. The noises I can usually block out as they become a part of every day life. The Vertigo is another story.

I explained all this to the doctor when I went for my six monthly check. Tintus is an inner ear problem. This has now settled down. But the Vertigo is caused by crystals forming over the brain ans the way to dispose of them is through exercise. He showed me how to do the exercise to help remove the crystals, which did help the worst of the sensations disappear. I can now roll over, and lay down, stand up, without the head going dizzy, where I had to sit still and close the eyes until all the spinning passed. After about three to four days the dizzy spells passed. At least I didn't have to take medication for a problem that can be healed by a simple exercise for a few minutes each time the Vertigo caused my head to spin.

The exercise. Sit on a surface(bed or lounge) where you can lean to the left of right without falling off. If you are turning right when the spell hits, you turn your head to the right when doing the exercise. While the head is in the right position you lean to the right for 10 minutes, the to the left for the same amount of time with the head still in the right position. If you are rolling left you head has to be looking left when doing the exercise. But if you are going to lay down or rise, you have to lay on the bed with your head hanging over the pillow for ten then lift your head for ten. This has to be done each time you become dizzy until the sensations pass.

Do you have a Bladder weakness? Try Queen of the Meadow, also known as Meadowsweet, which is a herbal tea, a tablet, or in liquid form. Can also used to help with pain in some cases. I'm trying it to help with my muscles pain. I found this out while doing some research on the net. I'm also having Horsetail Tea to help my muscles work with more flexibility and to stop the calcifying of the muscles, along with Silica and Magnesium and another exercise. Every time I sit I begin working my hands over the effected area of the muscles.

Hope these couple of ideas may be of help.


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