Fists Hurt.

Julie follows Wendy from the dining area to the toilet.
Julie: Shoves Wendy in the back with the flat of her hand. Pushes Wendy into the door with her
arm pulled high behind her back.
Wendy: Struggles. The door opens.
Cleaner: Screams. Steps back quickly so as not to be hit by the door.
Wendy/Julie: Tumble through the doorway to land on the floor in a twisted bundle of arms and
legs spitting vile words at each other.
Julie: Gets the upper hand. Straddles Wendy. Holds Wendy's hands above her head with one of
“Okay, bitch. I want a straight answer. How did you do it?”
Wendy: “Do what?”
Struggles on the floor to move away.
“I don't know what you're griping about.
Julie: Slaps Wendy across the cheek with an open hand.
“Don't lie to me. What did you promise Antonio for him to let you drive his precious car?
Wendy: Saving her energy for attack.
“Wouldn't you like to know. Just because your 'I'll let you into my knickers' deal didn't work, don't blame me. That trick is stale.”
Julie: Another slap collected with Wendy's cheek.
“You knew he is mine. I had hooked him. What bait did you use?”
Has fist ready to punch this time.
Wendy: Laughs.
“Poor old Julie. The novelty for any man wanting you has faded. Just like your looks.”
Bucks her body and rolls to the side as the punch headed in the direction of her face.
Julie: Her fist hits the floor. She squeals in pain.
Wendy: Gains her feet. Grabs the bucket of water. Lifts it.
Cleaner: Yells.
“No-o-o. Not the bucket. I just cleaned the floor.”
Wendy: Smiles.
Empties water over Julie.
Julie: Grabs Wendy by the legs sending her to the floor kicking and punching each other.
Cleaner: Runs out of the room.
“Help. They're killing each other.”
Wendy: Kicks Julie sending her across the floor.
Julie: Came to the rest against the wall. Sits up dazed. Blood drips from her nose.
Wendy: Stands. Walks toward the doorway. Collects her shoes.
Antonia: Comes to a stop as Wendy exits.
“What happened to you?
Wendy: “Nothing.”
Brushes past him and the crowd.
Julie: Limps out.
Crowd: Gaps in shock at her torn clothes and battered body
Julie: “Which way did she go?
Antonio: “What happened?”
Julie: “You can stuff your car where it hurts.”
Storms away.


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