Winter has passed.

Thankfully, the cold weather has moved on to other regions. I seem to fall behind in some work because the body doesn't want to work without pain. The brain doesn't seem to want to work at full speed, either.

Then I hurt my wrist, and thumb on my right hand, which slowed the progress. The thumb is still sore but working at a slower pace. The ground was too hard to remove a plant with the shovel. The plant had to be removed to go in the bin. Strong winds we had been having blew it over.

I have been going away on daily bus trips, where I take photos. I have been experimenting on how it works. For a little camera it does a few different jobs. I had a trial run on using the moving picture button. Did a pretty good job for the first time.

Between writing, and working with the photos, some work gets well behind. And during the winter, I go to bed early because I don't like using heaters.

So with the warming of the weather, I can sit at the computer and not freeze. I have been pacing myself with work in the house, and garden, with time at the computer. I seem to get more done.

I have been working hard to keep up with my 500 word memoir stories to post on the ABC Open website. I do add some photos, too. I have just finished a piece that we were given to do this term at writer's group.

These are a couple of photos I took on an Alpaca trip to watch them have their coats removed.


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