Woken by Yelling

The sound of my voice. Yelling. Woke me.
Woke me from the terror. The terror of the unknown. Unseen. Things with sharp claws.
I hadn't been dreaming. Or in the middle of a nightmare.
Where was I. I don't know.
Weeks previous hadn't been stressful.
I was calm. And collective. At the click of the light switch. I hadn't been reading a horror story. Or been watching a murder one.
So. What had caused this fear to run through every muscle of my body. Fear so strong I tasted it on my tongue.
I lifted my left arm to cover my face for protection.
The claws were sharp as pins. Darts. Both my arms had become pin cushions. Each pin prick stung worse than a bee sting.
“Go away. Leave me alone. Get away from me. Get out of here.”
Like a dream. Or nightmare. There wasn't any vision to gauge what happened before the attack started. Just the fear of many claws.
The moment my yelling voice. And words. Registered. I woke. Every claw vanished.
I didn't open my eyes to search for the cause.
I wasn't game to move for awhile.
Finally. I began to breathe normally.
My muscles relaxed from their locked state. I was able to move.
Realizing I wasn't under attack from within my room. I rolled over on my side.
A cold. Wet like drop landed on the back of my shoulder.
I listened.
No more drops.
There wasn't any rain so the roof couldn't have sprung a leak.
I'm safe.
The fear subsided.
Singing of the birds were the next sound I heard when they welcomed in the new day.

But the sensation of having experienced the unknown stayed with me all day. I kept rubbing my arms to relieve the feeling of the sharp claws digging in to my muscles.


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