Catching the sun

The warmer weather should arrive soon. Lizards are coming out to sun themselves. this was the first one. There are more scooting around the yard and sitting on the posts out of harms way. Luckily. I haven't struck any while I have been trying to catch up with the weeding which grew during the winter months. I have been slowly working on the garden beds when the back, hip, and weather permitting. I work until the pain comes. Take a break to crochet, write, or do computer work. With all jobs, I have learned to not keep going when the pain strikes.

During the winter months I did a lot of crocheting to make woolen blankets for those in need. Most of the time the wool is supplied but I do buy some to be able to finish the project when the supply is low.

               Mystery woman

My Vegas.
Vegas is a bright star. A Celestial body.
So that means I have to be the star in my life. 
What I believe should be the force drawing me to the center of attraction. Me being drawn to a bright future. To fulfill my dreams of what I think my life should be.

I’d like to shine like the brightest, glowing star in the Universe but remains a mystery woman. A
 planner who stays, and works, in the background. Not sprout to the world I was the brains behind 
what I have achieved. Not become a magnet to draw attention to me. To live to do my thing. Or 
things. In peace.

I’d like to be a leaf gently moving across the surface to go where the flow will take me. Not travel
 over rough water not knowing what terror to face next.

I’d love the top floor of a castle with plenty of space where I could leave my cluttered mess. A place warm in the winter. Cool in the summer. All of the necessity to use while constructing my stories. A 
large table where I could stack my notebooks and pencils. And the balls of wool for creating rugs.
 I do these for those less fortunate. I have found I have been busy writing, finishing work which has
 been dormant on the computer, while crocheting. Especially if I have a pattern which doesn’t need
 much concentration.

After a long absence my characters have returned to keep my mind active, pushing me to move the 
story along to completion. I missed them not rattling around in my thoughts.

Have my music available to keep the outside world at bay while I concentrate. No interruptions.

Have agents, and managers, to work to put my writing, and other plans, out there for the world to see. For them to be in the limelight, while I continue with my work. Be able to come down from my hideaway to freely go where I pleased without too many hassles.

To remain the mysterious woman behind the scenes.

These are a couple I did while I worked on my latest novel. I have found crocheting frees the mind to think.


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