Cleaning time.

These are a few scarves I made in between crocheting rugs for my family. I have finished ten and have sent them to my family. Everyone seems to love them. So far. The above three are gone to charity. I still have another one to go.

Have taken some time out from crocheting to clean out all the "passed by dated" tins, and bottles, of unused stuff in the back shed. There isn't anything in my way. I usually let some of my friends use the shed to store their car and boats. At the moment. I can freely move around to dispose of unwanted things to make more room. I spent a couple of hours out there this morning. The wind has whipped so I've come inside. Anyway. I've had working in dust for now.

I have uploaded some photos. I was to go one a bus trip today but the driver was sick.

The last one. A young Magpie is enjoying a swing on the plastic. This lot of babies have been very mischievous. One has even attached a friendship with a Butcher Bird. Where you find one the other isn't far behind..


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