Cycle Of Life

Simmering rays of sun
crept over the horizon,
energy danced across the still water
at rest in the early morning,
springbok dainty glided toward
the brown water thirst to quench,
alert to danger hidden in the sparse growth
lions positioned ready to pounce,
stomach growl in anticipation,
eyes glazed, nostrils flared smell air scents
ever watchful for prey whatever size,
birds fluff plumage on bare skeletal branches
leave once bountiful stripped for fodder,
or die due to long boiling summers,
ground thirsts after rain, dust raised by hooves
storm clouds a distant memory, rain don't fall,
water slowly seeped up by
the bright, burning blood orange sun,
skeletons of past lives lost litter the ground
picked bare by scavengers lay forgotten,
bones artfully left to decay to dust
feathers magically float on thermal currents,
hyena wait patiently for lion kill
rhino thundering hooves beat a tempo,
warning of their imminent advance
small animals retreat to safety,
watch sparse water come alive
with bulky, dangerous muscled flesh,
a sickly straggler slowly ambles behind
lion waits, springs, brings down breakfast,
life lost, others will survive to die another day,
picked bones leave another artful display
after the bottom of the food chain
has had their share of the spoils,
those satisfied by the feast
slumber where ever there is shade
awaiting the next unexpected prey.


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