Jacaranda Thoughts

Parrots chatter, squabble
among the branches high
sipping nectar from flowers,
head foggy, wing won't fly.

The Jacaranda tree stands tall
flowers cover all branch space,
purple flowers rain down
on the ground they grace.

Ropes dangle from a branch
the seat wood, my bum aches,
cat sleeps in pram, doll forgotten,
nail needles will never break.

Sun spirals, shadows waltz,
smoke rises, dinner cooks,
trains rumble, whistles echo,
roosters crow, wakes the chooks.

Thought Number 2

Flowers squashed
lay on ground
smoke steals.

Jacaranda tree sways
parrots squabble

Swing deserted
rope frayed
moved on.

Doll forgotten
cat sleeps
needles click.

Shade patterns change
rays spiral down
energy flows.

Fire roars
stakes sizzle
stomach grumbles.

Smoke bellows skyward
whistle echoes
engine chugs by.

Cows call
udders full
milking time.

Bang, bang,
I'm awake
train is shunting.


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