Coming Home

Coming Home

Dark storm clouds rolled quickly across the sky,
Strong wind blew leaves from tree branches,
Thunder growled its fury as it followed clouds,
To splinter the peace of the valley.
Lightning streaked wildly lighting up the land,
Rain begun to pelt down on horse and rider,
As the rider rode fast on his once shiny stallion.
The thunder of the horse's hooves blocked out,
By the thunder which vibrated around them,
Sending the horse flying with winged feet.
They had hoped they would reach the end,
Of their journey by the time the sun went down,
But the sudden storm had blocked out the sun,
Turning morning into dark of night.
The horse reared at the crack like a gun shot,
When the lightning struck a tree in the valley,
Sending sparks flying through the air,
Tree and dead grass ignited in a flash,
Smoke and fire soon filled the air.
Jake hung tightly to the reins with bot hands,
Trying to stay in the saddle as the horse,
Galloped wildly across the now wet ground,
Leaping fallen trees and small washouts.
Cleared a boundary fence moments before,
A ball of fire rushed along the top wire,
The trees a continuous blur as the horse,
Raced madly trying to escape the Hounds of Hell.
His exhausted muscles burned from the mad dash,
A red mist of fear clouded the stallion's eyes,
Steam poured from his nostrils, sweat from his heated body,
Mingled with the rain to wash the dirt away.
The mad dash came to a sudden end,
At the creek which flowed savagely on its way,
Angry brown frothy water swirled with the build up,
Of the rain escaping from the head of the river.
Jake struggle with the reins came to an end,
As lightning flashed at the muddy bank,
Dialabo came out of the mist of fear,
As he plunged into the roaring water,
Moments later Dialabo and Jake were carried away.
Jake and Dialabo struggled to stay afloat,
Grabbing a passing tree branch to keep it from hitting Dialabo,
Pushed it out of the way as they struggled for the other bank,
Sun came out as Jake and Dialabo reached the bank.


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